Ashish Vaswani
Hey Blog, long time, huh! Last time we met, Steve Jobs, Dev Anand and Neil Armstrong were still alive, Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal were buddies, Shahrukh Khan was gung ho about Ra.One, Shirish Kunder was relatively unknown, and Sunny Leone was busy with other jobs! Clearly, its been a while. So I thought I'd just drop by and say hello...

Personally speaking, a lot has changed in the last one year. The transition from college to work has brought some sort of semblance and discipline to life, though the immaturity persists. Can't help. But otherwise, life's been good. A great boss, coupled with friendly team mates and interesting work to do, what more can one ask for!

In other news, the Indian economy is going great guns. Gold prices are at all time high, the government has okayed FDI in retail and aviation, and a feel-good sentiment is in the air. Things should hopefully get better from here.

In the world of technology, Apple's launch of the iPhone5 garnered mix responses. Critics were quick to cite the lack of innovation in design. A buggy map app only made matters worse. Nonetheless, Apple fanboys the world over are making a beeline for the latest palm candy, with online orders witnessing steep waiting periods.

Bollywood has been churning out a pretty decent fare with a considerable consistency, over the past few months. Ek tha Tiger managed to create a record of sorts. Last week's release, Barfi has opened to some rave reviews, while the critics have been panning Heroine for the past couple of days now.

Guess that's all I can think of right now. Looks like we've reached the end of this year's edition of Hello there! Hope to see you soon...