Ashish Vaswani
This week saw Baba Ramdev turning from one kind of babagiri to another. I personally feel that he should stick to his forte- teaching people pranayam, and not try and politicize his approach towards Samaj Nirmaan. Wonder what's going on his head. Nadal and Federer are going to be head to head one more time and I currently saw Shahrukh Khan promoting his movie Ra.One on NDTV's Greenathon. Salmaan Khan's Ready released this week to a grand opening.

Coming to think of it, life seems like a game where everyone wants to be Popular4Peanuts. Movie stars, businessmen and now even yoga gurus. The inherent desire to achieve name, fame and fortune does not seem to die down even after practising (and teaching) meditation. Makes me ask the universal question what is it, that we all are running after in life?

On a more unphilosophical note, it's nice to see that so many common people the world over are opening their eyes and ears towards using social media as a marketing and advertizing tool. The web 2.0 has really empowered the masses. Wonder what the web 3.0 will be like.