Ashish Vaswani
The last few weeks have been blissfully satisfying as regards my foodie adventures, the triple fasting bonanza of Shravan, Ramadan and Paryushan notwithstanding. Unplanned outings with friends to strange places ensured I got a fair share of delectable delights.

A visit to Lamington Road to hunt for electronic components for a project turned into unraveling a khaana-khazana of sorts. With nowhere to go and people to wait for, we decided to try our hands (and mouths) at the old-world charm of Irani cafés. Though their numbers have been dwindling over the years, it’s hard to give them a miss if you’re in the mood to spend a lazy morning or afternoon in classic Parsi style, complete with centuries-old furniture and a grumpy old Irani uncle manning the billing desk. Though it was early afternoon, the typical bun-maska and cutting chai could not be given a miss. This was followed by a sumptuous Chicken Biryani which was reasonably priced.

The highlight however, was another Irani café, Merwan’s, which is right opposite Grant Road (East) station. The term ‘to sell like hot cakes’ must have surely come from the mawa cakes that they have here. The bread pudding and caramel custard are also must-haves that we gorged on. Staff here is unbelievably sweet, literally making you feel like an honoured guest.

Located in a corner of one of the by-lanes of Lamington Road is a chaiwala that you cannot afford to miss. Though it might seem like an ordinary tapri serving tea to offices in the vicinity, the specialty is a beverage called ‘ukala’. It’s a lovingly prepared glass of masala milk, teeming with saffron and badam pista. At ten bucks, it surely is your money’s worth. Special thanks to Mr. Praveen Valsalan for the treat.

Last week, I also fulfilled my long-awaited dream of visiting Mohd. Ali Road to explore the iftar fare and I must say, it was an experience of a lifetime, all thanks to Dr. Jawahar Panjwani. The tandoori chicken, tikkas and shawrmas were to die for. But what took the cake were the desserts. The humongous malpua topped with rabdi and flavoured firni are sure to please the sweet-thoothed. Though the food is not out of this world, the sheer liveliness of this street is worth witnessing during Ramadan.

Next on the cards, is the modak tasting spree of Ganesh Chaturthi, followed by Navratri and Diwali later in the year. With back to back festivities and so much food to tickle my tastebuds, I’m going to be needing plus-sized clothes very soon!
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