Ashish Vaswani

Every once in a while, when I’m all alone
I wonder how over the years I’ve grown
From a naïve young boy with no worries or care
To someone who’s too lazy to even stop and stare
At the things that surround him in this quest called life
Most often confounded with only hardships and strife

My thoughts oscillate between future and past
They leave me perplexed, they leave me aghast
A thousand questions bewilder my mind
Whose answers I’ve always been curious to find
Eventually, I find more questions, answers I’ve none
And it all goes back to where I’d begun

I realize my loss, but guess it’s too late
And it’s all too easy to blame on fate
But deep inside I know what I’ve lost
The moments that passed will return at no cost
And you know, it doesn’t take a genius to tell
That this could just have been the warning bell

It’s easy to say that the fault was mine
But I must return to the present for things to be fine
So maybe it’s still not late enough
To hunt for the crest at the end of the trough
If there’s a right time to start, it sure is now
And I’m the one who must find out how

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